Food triggers and cravings are the biggest enemy for any weight loss or fitness plan. They are especially strong when beginning your plan; so it is important to prepare for them from the get go. Journaling is a great way to discover what foods you crave most, and what type of event sets off triggers. Emotional eaters often have the greatest struggles with their weight, and one emotional upheaval can be enough to start a spiral of downturn events. Before beginning on your weight loss or fitness journey, you have to identify your food triggers and beat them before they beat you.

For one week, write down everything you eat. Not only should you identify each food item consumed, but also you should make a note of why you ate it, how fast you ate it, and what caused you to eat it. You might be surprised how revealing your journal is. By journaling your eating habits, you will become aware of any bad or negative food habits that you have as well. There are many negative food habits that can sabotage your weight loss and fitness goals, so identifying these is vital for your success.

Keep track of the calories, fat grams, protein, and carbohydrates that you are consuming on a daily basis. Do not forget to add beverages, including sodas, juice, coffee, and tea. These are often ways that extra calories sneak into the diet and by keeping track of them in your journal, you will be aware of how much you are consuming. Once you identify why you eat when you do, you will be able to make healthy substitutions, and prevent food triggers from getting the best of you.

Your food triggers could include boredom, depression, anger, happiness, loneliness, or might occur the same time each day. Many people find that each day between 2:00 and 4:00 P.M. they begin to crave sugary or starchy carbohydrates. For some, they might do well all day, and then once nighttime hits, the food cravings begin. If you find that you have strong cravings each afternoon, prepare for them. Save some calories from breakfast time and use them for a good snack when you know you will be hit with your greatest cravings. Energy bars are a good choice, but choose the snack that fits in best with your weight loss and health routines. It might be pretzels for some, peanut butter on crackers or rice cakes, or a serving of pure protein for others. If food cravings are unbearable at night, then try going to bed earlier. By identifying your food triggers and cravings you will be prepared for them, and it will only be a matter of time before you have won the battle and have reached your fitness goals.

A proper diet is just as important as a good workout. The two are a team and work together best. One without the other will not give you the results you desire. Learn to control those urges and you will thank yourself.

An awesome meal replacement shake is the Shakeology.  It comes in different flavors and it is good.  Or you can try the P90X protein bars,  they are very good too.


Have You Considered Slim in 6?

by homeworkout on January 13, 2010

Are you a woman?  Are you looking to get into shape?

The Slim in 6 workout by Debbie Siebers my be a great option for you.

Slim in 6 is a six week workout meant to get you shape.  I know it sounds simple, but getting in shape can be simple.  Debbie Siebers created this workout to help women target those “Problem Areas” that so many women face.

Your buns, thighs, arms and stomach tend to be the trouble areas for most women.  The Slim in 6 workout is meant to help you target those areas… oh yeah in just 6 weeks.

slim in 6 pic

What makes the Slim in 6 different is Debbie developed her very own technique called Slim Training.  This Slim Training Technique is what helps you shed the pounds and slim into that body you have always wanted.

Slim in 6 comes with 3 workout DVDs and loads of  great tools to help you maximize your workout.

Give slim in 6 a chance.  It may be right for you.

Plus its only $59.95 with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Grap your Slim in 6 here.


Seriously its only 10 Minutes

by homeworkout on January 11, 2010

ten minute trainerAlmost everyone knows about Tony Hortons 10 Minute Trainer by now.

But my question for you is have you tried it?

I have had tons of people come up to me and say, “There is no way that in just 10 minutes a day you can get in shape.”

Well I say to them…

Then you have never tried 10 minute trainer.

Here’s the deal.  If you try 10 minute trainer you will realize that this “simple” 10 minute workout is no joke.  I don’t know how Tony Horton develops this stuff, but to be able to get that type of a workout in just 10 minutes is amazing.

Tony Horton is one of the top workout professionals in the world.  If he puts his name on something you better know that he believes in it.

So if you haven’t tried the ten minute trainer by Tony Horton it may be time for you to give it a shot.  Seriously it is only 10 Minutes a day, and it will change your life.  You can simply wake up 10 minutes earlier and have a workout done for the day.  Its completely awesome.


The Best Butt of Your Life

by homeworkout on January 9, 2010

Another awesome workout for the Ladies!

When a new workout comes out from a guy that has the resume that Leandro Carvalho has you better listen.

If your troubled area is your butt, or you just want a really nice butt, then this is the guy you need to listen too.

Lets just say you want to get your butt in shape.  You have anybody in the world to listen to and believe that they are the trainer that can help you.  But there is one guy who has trained world renowned supermodels, like Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who are known for there great butts.  This is the guy that wants to personally train you so you can get a butt like that.

This guy is Leandro Carvalho.  It was his techniques that got this woman…

Alessandra Ambrosio and Brazil Butt Lift

her butt.

I know its pretty much a no brainer.  This is the guy you would choose.  And the best thing about it is that he has created a DVD workout to help you achieve the same thing.

Its called the Brazil Butt Lift Workout and it is awesome.  It is definitely worth taking a look.


The P90X Pull Up Bar Freakin Rocks

by homeworkout on January 3, 2010

p90x pull up bar The P90X Pull Up Bar is far above the rest.

Tony Horton went ahead and created the entire P90X system from scratch.  And because every aspect of the p90X was cutting edge top of the line with break through techniques, he knew that the standard pull up bars on the market were just not going to cut it.

So he had his team develop this new cutting edge pull up bar just for the P90X.

The P90X pull up bar is stronger, easier to use, can hold more weight, give you more options and is pretty much all around better then almost every other pull up bar on the market.  It is definitely better then every pull up bar within its price range.  Probably twice as good.

So even if you do not have the P90X system, but are looking for a top of the line pull up bar for your home, that fits in almost every door way and leaves no damage to your frame or walls, then the P90X pull up bar is it.

Check out more on the P90X Pull Up Bar Here.


Lose the Flab Once and For All

by homeworkout on November 12, 2009

Do you struggle with flab underneath your arms.  Well here is a great article on how to rid yourself of that pesky arm flab. Get Rid of Flabby Arms – eDiets

See most people do not realize that in order to reduce the flab on your arms you are going to need to reduce your over all “flabbiness.”

I know it doesn’t sound the best but listen here. 

“Flab” is really just fat. (you’ll see that in the article.)

If you reduce your overall fat percentage you will see a decrease in your arm flab content.

Now the great thing is that you can focus on the arm flab and reduce that quicker then the rest.

And you see when it comes to workouts like the Insanity Workout or the Slim in Six workout you are getting that full body workout which tones and burns off the fat.

Almost everyone can stand to get into better shape. If you are struggling with the flab of the arms or just needing to get into better shape… there is an easy answer for you.

You just gotta workout.


The RevAbs Workout Is Available

by homeworkout on October 14, 2009

RevAbs Workout

RevAbs Workout

Have you ever heard of Brett Hoebel?

Apparently a LOT of people know who he is (I have to admit I was not one of those people until now.)

Brett Hoebel is a fitness professional who has been training people like you and me how to get ripped, primarily in the core, for like 15 years now.

The Dude is a Fitness “Guru”, “Expert”, “Professional”, “Stud”, “Stallion” or pretty much any other awesome words to describe them.

Brett Hoebel has been hidden away for months developing the greatest ab workout ever put to DVD.

He calls it the RevAbs Workout.

The Rev Abs Workout is more than just an ab workout. Brett’s techniques combine burning away the fat and muscle development to give you the greatest abs you can dream of.

There have been other awesome DVD workouts released, but none of them can hold a candle to RevAbs when it comes to focused core and abdominal muscle building.

RevAbs Attacks your Core from Six Different Angles:

  1. Upper Flexion
  2. Lower Flexion
  3. Side Flexion
  4. Double Flexion
  5. Twists
  6. Extensions

These are abdominal techniques developed by Brett Hoebel specifically for the RevAbs workout and they will absolutely blow you away.

You will lose the inches off your waiste and firm up your core like you never though possible.

I am pumped for this workout.  The RevAbs workout is where its at.

Do you want to buy the RevAbs Workout?

If you want this awesome new workout you can click Get RevAbs Workout Now.


Insanity Workout Vs. P90X Workout

by homeworkout on October 7, 2009

P90X Workout vs Insanity Workout

P90X Workout vs Insanity Workout

Many people are comparing the Insanity Workout to the P90X workout.

This is a hard comparison to make because the workouts are very different.  The Insanity Workout Focuses more on using cardio to build a base of fitness then moves into muscle developement.  The P90X is workout that is more focused on muslce growth.

Insanity Workout vs P90X Workout: The differences:

Insanity: Uses No Extra Equipment
P90X: Uses dumbbells and a Pull up bar.  Or you can use Resistance Bands

Insanity: Heavy Cardio
P90X: Heavy Muscle Building

Insanity: Will make you feel like you want to puke from exercising so hard.
P90X: Will make you feel like you cannot use your arms because of muscle exaustion.

Insanity: Broader Workout – Works the Whole body
P90X: Targets Specific Muscle Group

Insanity Workout vs P90X Workout: The Similarities

They are Both AWESOME
They will both help you get in the best shape of your life.

My Advice:

If you want to lose weight and get your whole body in good shape.  Insanity Workout
If you are ready to target your muscles, lean down or bulk up. P90X Workout

Whatever you choose… You have to be willing to press through some very difficult workouts, but if you do you will experience great things.  Your body and mind will be in the best shape they have ever been in.


Insanity Workout Calendar

Insanity Workout Calendar

Is anyone else confused about which DVD is the Cardio Circuit for the Insanity Workout?

On the Insanity Calendar the DVDs listed through the first week are as clear as day.  Whatever DVD it says on the Calendar you simply match that DVD with the Title of the actual DVD.

This is all fine and dandy until beachbody had to go screw it all up in week 2.  All of the sudden there is a DVD called Cardio Circuit, but there is no DVD entitled Cardio Circuit.  Well…

Cardio Circuit = Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I’m not sure why they did not just continue to put Plyometric Cardio Circuit, but a lot of people have been confused about this.

Perhaps they wanted to make month one look a little more diverse with more workouts or maybe it is just a mistake.

Now you know…

Cardio Circuit = Plyometric Cardio Circuit


Stop the Back Pain With Good Posture

by homeworkout on August 8, 2009

One of the first signs of aging is feeling pain and tension in the joints. This is often made worse by poor posture. Not only is poor posture bad for your spine, but also it causes your abs to lose tone and gives your body the appearance that you are not in great physical shape. This might be why you can instantly appear younger, more healthy, and vibrant simply by improving your posture.

Many of us lead sedentary lives, and this takes its toll on the spine. Good posture should be adhered to 24 hours a day, whether sitting or standing. Even the manner in which we sleep can determine how much pain we experience upon waking. If you work at an office desk, then it is important to sit up straight and keep your neck at a comfortable tension. If not, it is only a matter of time before your bad habits begin to produce telltale signs of pain, soreness, and joint inflammation.

Posture is not only important to those who lead sedentary lives, but it is also very important for athletes and those who keep an active, fit lifestyle. The posture that a person maintains while exercising or working out can mean the difference between maximum benefits and injury. Keeping the spine erect, and the abs or core muscles pulled taut at all times will keep your body balanced and stabilized. This prevents injuries whether working out or performing household tasks.

You are never too old to begin practicing good posture, and here are a few tips to get you on your way to a new, taller, you. To begin, place an exercise mat on the floor and lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. The object of this exercise is to bring the muscles of the upper body back into alignment. With arms bent at the elbows, bring your palms together, across your body. Keep hands together, as in a prayer, with the hands and elbows directly over your forehead. Hold for a count of thirty, and then place the arms flat on the mat (still bent at a 90 degree angle) alongside your head. Repeat ten times. You will feel this exercise stretch the area from your neck to your shoulders.

This exercise is wonderful for releasing tension in the spine and will help improve your posture. Stand against a wall, with your heels approximately one inch from the wall, toes pointing outwards. Stand tall and keep your chin up as you slowly lean forward and roll down towards the floor, one vertebrate at a time. Your arms and neck should feel as if they are dangling, and the only part of your body that should be touching the wall is your tailbone. Do not make sudden or jerky movements, but rather roll down in a slow, controlled manner. Once you have rolled down as far as you can comfortably go, roll back up, one vertebrate at a time. Perform three sets.

Try the p90x workout routine if you want to get into incredible shape, or the chelean extreme workout for an exercise that is designed to burn away your extra fat.